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5 Running Injuries That Could Be Holding You Back From Achieving Your Goals!

Injuries to the foot, ankle and knee are common in runners. Below are some of the most common running-related injuries, along with the symptoms associated with them. If you are a runner and you've pain in your foot, ankle, knee or hip, get in touch and let an expert get to the bottom of your pain.

Athlete with an ACL Injury


The Symptoms Associated With Common Running Injuries

#1 Runner's Knee!

  • AKA Patello-femoral pain or Movie-Goer's Knee

  • Pain over the front of the kneecap

  • Pain with squatting and stairs

  • Pain when running (especially up and down hill)

  • Pain is worse with prolonged sitting

Kneecap Pain

#2 Achilles Tendinopathy!

  • Pain located over the achilles tendon

  • Pain is at its worst when first walking in the morning

  • Pain when you first start to walk after sitting down

  • Pain that goes away or reduces the more you run

  • Pain that is worse the next morning, after running the day before

Achilles Tendon Pain

#3 Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy!

  • Pain on the inside of your foot / ankle

  • Pain with longer runs

  • Pain at the start of a run, that gradually eases

  • Pain that is worse the next day

  • Pain worse when running on uneven surfaces

Calf Muscle Injury

#4 Plantar Fasciopathy / Fasciitis!

  • Pain in the heel area or in the arch

  • Pain that is worse in the morning on first walking

  • Pain walking, especially walking on your heels

  • The pain can be better during exercise, but worse the next day

#5 Bone Stress Reaction or Fracture!

  • Pain located over your tibia bone or in the bones of your feet

  • Pain that increases the further you walk or run

  • Pain even at rest

  • An inability to one-leg hop without pain

  • Pain even after you have stopped running or walking


What To Expect From Us

A Comprehensive Injury Assessment

A Diagnosis

A Structured Rehab Plan

Physio, Gym & Pitch-Based Running Sessions

Full Body Analysis

Return To Sport Testing


What Our Clients Say

"I saw Declan for a foot injury that was mis-diagnosed elsewhere a few times. Declan diagnosed it, referred me for an MRI, did progressive strengthening and now I'm back running stronger than I've felt for years and truly believing I can reach my best and beyond. I cannot recommend Declan enough for foot & ankle injuries."


If you would like to know more or you have any questions, drop me an email at Alternatively, book online following the link below. I would love to take you through your rehab journey and back to the sport that you love playing.

Start your rehab today!



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