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Improve My Running (x8 Sessions)

Strength training for 5-10km runners, marathon runners & triathletes!

  • 1 hour
  • 480 euros
  • Mount Merrion Avenue

Service Description

With 5km, 1/2 marathons, tri & ironman events back in full swing, now is a great opportunity to improve your running times. One of the biggest factors that stops us from meeting our running goals is getting injured during training. If you're injured, then you can't train properly; so you should be doing everything possible to make sure that this doesn't happen! Running is seriously demanding on the body. Think about it....running simply involves 'repeatedly hopping on one leg thousands of times, whilst moving in both vertical & horizontal directions'. This requires our body to both absorb and produce forces over long periods of time. It's when our body lacks the ability to perform these tasks (i.e. it runs out of juice) that we can get injured. So how do we improve our body's ability to absorb & produce force? Well for one, we can improve our running technique. Secondly, strength training! Faster runners are also known to be able to put more force into the ground. So strength training will help reduce your injury risk, but at the same time improve your running performance. Our block of 8 one-to-one strength training sessions is targeted at identifying your deficiencies and getting you started into regular consistent strength training. This will only supplement your running sessions. The initial session (1/8) involves 'Performance Testing', which helps to determine where your deficiencies lie. Following this, a plan is put in place to ensure that you get the most of your training block. Block Benefits: - Improve your running economy - Increased lower limb strength (i.e. force production capabilities) - Increased reactive strength (i.e. springiness) - Learn how to structure a strength-based training session - 1-1 fully supervised sessions - Running video analysis - Learn 'technical running drills' - Reduce your risk of future injury - Advice on running loads, volume and recovery Put the work in now and reap the rewards on race day. Start today!

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