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Sports Performance Testing

Comprehensive Individualised Sports Performance Testing

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 99 euros
  • Mount Merrion Avenue

Service Description

Athlete Profiling or Sports Performance Testing is essential when you're aiming to get the most out of your body during your sport. Rather than being reactive to an injury, we aim to make you aware of any deficiencies that you may have, to help prevent injury. Could you be doing more in the gym to improve your performance on the pitch or court? The answer to this is most likely yes. Could you be doing more in the gym to reduce your risk of picking up another ankle sprain or hamstring injury this season? The answer again is hell yes! Think about being able to accelerate away from an opponent more easily or reaching a higher maximum running speed without pulling your hamstring again. Unless you know where your deficiencies lie, then you're training blind. We can help you achieve your sporting goals. Start with a Comprehensive 1-Hour Long Sports Performance Testing Session, where we look at the key physical attributes that are required in your sport. We also consider your previous injury history, as we know that previous injuries are the biggest predictor of future injuries. The testing session is specific to you, which means that we take your sport, your playing position and your season's goals into consideration. Testing covers areas such as: - Jump Height - Isometric strength (quads, hamstrings and shoulder rotator muscles) - Reactive Strength (i.e. how springy you are) - Joint Mobility - Balance - Core Endurance Capacity We video analyse the following fundamental movements, giving you live feedback throughout.: - Squat - Deadlift / Hip Hinge - One-leg squat Following the session, suggestions will be made on what areas that you need to address, including exercise prescription. Look after your body, improve your performance and complete 'Sports Performance Testing' Today.

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