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Youth Athlete Development Programme

Help your child move better, become stronger and have less injuries!

  • 45 minutes
  • 600 euros
  • Mount Merrion Avenue

Service Description

There is a growing amount of evidence supporting the exposure of adolescent athletes to fundamental movements at an early age. The benefits of our athlete development programme (ADP) include: - enhanced athletic performance - reduced injury risk and - an increased likelihood of life-long participation in sport The issue regarding adolescent females quitting sport at an early age is a topic of discussion in Ireland currently. Athletes in this program initially undergo an athlete profile (i.e. a series of physical tests) in session No. 1. The results of testing help to guide their 6-week block. Athletes will learn key movement patterns (i.e. squat, hip hinge, press-up, pull-up) as well as be introduced to plyometric exercises (jumping and landing). Pitch-based sessions will target the mastering of: - decelerating - accelerating - changing direction at speed - agility - running at maximum speed How long does the programme last? It's a 6-week block x2 sessions per week = 12 Sessions Total (€600). Book now & invest in your child today!

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