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Buan Physio was born from a desire to provide both sports injury rehabilitation and performance coaching services, all under the one roof.

Buan Physio Declan Hardy Director Sports Physiotherapist

Declan Hardy

Declan has gained extensive experience over the past 13 years, working in both private clinics and elite sporting teams in New Zealand, Australia, UK and Ireland.


Whilst living in New Zealand, he worked with professional athletes including Olympic, International & National-Level Alpine Skiers and Mountain Bikers. More recently, Declan has worked with Otago Representative Rugby & the Cardiff Blues Rugby Academy. He is currently the Ireland Women's Basketball Team Physio.

Declan loves to learn and he is currently studying a second master's degree, this time in Strength and Conditioning.

Outside of the clinic, you will find him watching Aussie Rules Footy and Rugby; as well as surfing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking and trail running.

Our Staff

Buan is a word that translates as 'durable' in the Irish language (Gaeilge). We strive to provide the highest standards of general physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. We aim to make you both durable and robust, in order to withstand the demands of your chosen sport.

We treat anyone who plays or participates in a regular sport or activity, of any age, whatever the level. We treat and have extensive experience in rehabilitating all injuries however.


We start with the end in mind, reducing your pain initially and developing your individualised treatment plan. Think of rehabilitation as an opportunity to learn, develop and to become more robust. With the right mindset and effort, you will be in a better place when you complete your rehabilitation.

At Buan, we aim to reduce the risk of future injury by ensuring that you have passed individualised 'Return to Sport' test batteries, thus proving that you've earned the right to compete again.

We look forward to working with you. 


  • BSc Physiotherapy - UUJ

  • MSc Sports Physiotherapy - Otago

  • MSc Strength & Conditioning - St. Marys, London (Currently enrolled)            

"With the right mindset and effort, you will be in a better place physically & psychologically when you complete your rehabilitation" 

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