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Athlete With An ACL Injury

South Dublin's Leading ACL
Rehab Clinic

Rehabilitation is key to a successful return to sport following ACL injury or surgery. Many athletes do not return to their pre-injury level of sport following surgery, with inadequate rehabilitation being the primary reason. ACL Rehab is a long tough process. Being a Specialised Knee Rehab Clinic in South Dublin, we are here to guide you through the 5 phases of rehab. You'll target and meet specific milestones at each phase, eventually returning to sport. 

The Statistics


Of All ACL Injuries Occur Via Non-Contact Mechanisms


Only 65% Return To Their Pre-Injury Level of Sport Fol
lowing ACL Surgery


Females Are Between 2-8 Times More Likely To Injure Their ACL Than Males  


Is The ACL Re-injury Rate Of Athletes Under 25 Years Of Age 

* The main reason for ACL re-injury rates being considerably high is due to inadequate rehab. Our proven ACL Rehab process leaves no stone unturned & gives you the best chance of a successful return to sport.

You've Had ACL Surgery, But You're Not Where You Want To Be?  

Whether you've undergone ACL reconstructive surgery or you're rehabbing without surgery, your end goal is returning to your previous level of sport or activity.


If for whatever reason you're not back playing sport, or you're still having issues with pain or running, we can help. We provide pain relief & we'll identify what you need to do, to get back to sport.


Drop us an email or phone call to discuss your specific circumstances. We will happily advise you on what you need to do and if you're the right fit for our ACL Rehab Program

ACL Rehab : The 5 Phases

Our ACL rehab process involves 5 distinct phases. The work completed in each phase helps to prepare the individual for the next phase. You cannot skip phases!


ACL rehabilitation is criteria-driven, not time-driven. This means that you will work towards meeting specific targets in each phase. If you don't put in the work in one phase, you will not be ready or able to move to the next. This process is proven to work and it ensures that we leave no stone unturned & that nothing gets missed during your rehabilitation.


We understand that ACL rehabilitation is a tough, lengthy process. There will be challenging periods throughout rehab, but we are here to guide you the entire way. Think about rehab as being an opportunity to come out the other side, physically & mentally stronger than your were pre-injury. This should absolutely be the case, as you have at least 12 months to develop various physical attributes, that will improve your sporting performance.


Ultimately, the goal of ACL rehab is not only to be playing sport 12 months after surgery, but to still be playing sport in 10 years time. With this in mind, we have refined our rehab process over the past 15 years, to ensure that you receive the latest evidence-based treatment & high quality exercise prescription. 


The 5 phases of rehabilitation are outlined below.

ACL Pre Surgery Preparation

Phase 0

Pre-Surgery Preparation

ACL Rehab Phase 3 - Running

Phase 3

Straight-Line Running

ACL Rehab Phase 2

Phase 1a & 1b

Post-Surgery Recovery;

Mobility, Control & Strength

ACL Rehab Phase 4 - Return To Training

Phase 4

Multi-Directional Running

ACL Rehab Phase 2

Phase 2

Power & Reactive Strength

ACL Rehab Phase 5 - Return To Sport

Phase 5

Sports Specificity & Conditioning

Athlete Success Stories


" I was involved in a rugby tackle that left me with a serious knee injury, which required extensive surgery. The surgery involved ALL, ACL & MCL reconstructions as well as medial & lateral meniscus repairs. I had such a long road to recovery, with Declan being a critical part in my return to sport. He has a friendly, motivating and professional manner. Declan encouraged me every step of the way and amazingly, I am back playing rugby, hunting in the hills and skiing the slopes. "

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Why Our Athletes Choose Us

  • 15 Years of ACL Rehab Experience

  • Individualised Exercise Programs

  • Exercises Available Via Our Mobile App

  • A Criteria-Driven Rehab Process

  • Regular Testing Every 4-6 Weeks

  • Access To 24/7 Support From Your Physio

  • Supervised Gym Sessions

  • Supervised Running-Based Pitch Sessions

Learn More About ACL Rehab 

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