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South Dublin's Leading Ankle
Rehab Clinic

Rehabilitation is key to a successful return to sport following an ankle sprain or surgery. Many individuals pass off an ankle sprain as a minor injury, but they'll often repeatedly go over on their ankle afterwards. This can lead to chronic ankle instability, ligament laxity & bony-cartilage issues. Being a Specialised Ankle Rehab Clinic in South Dublin, we are here to thoroughly assess your ankle injury, guiding you back to your sport or recreational activity.

The Statistics


Of People Develop Chronic Ankle Instability Within 1 Year Of Their 1st Sprain


Ankle & Knee Sprains Are The Most Common Injuries In Female Basketball


Lower Limb Injuries Are The Most Common Injuries In Both Male & Female Adolescent Soccer Players 


Foot & Ankle Injuries Account For 38% Of All Injuries In U-18 Basketball Players 

Common Ankle Rehab Exercises