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Emerging Athlete Program

8-week training blocks, designed to help aspiring adolescents achieve their sporting goals. All our gym sessions are fully supervised, so you don't need to worry about what your child is doing in the gym. Take your athleticism and confidence to the next level.

Our Next Training Block Commences On 18th September 2023

Leading The Way On Youth Athlete Development in South Dublin

A Collaboration Between Buan Physio & First Class Fitness

How The Program Works

The primary focus of our Emerging Athlete Program is to develop resilient, strong and technically proficient young athletes.


We understand that Youth Development involves a long-term approach as the athlete moves through the growth and maturation phase of adolescence. Improving various athletic qualities via progressive structured training, is also known to reduce the relative risk of injury.


Our 8-week training blocks are designed to help aspiring adolescents achieve their sporting goals. Enjoy improving your athletic performance as you train alongside your peers in a purpose built strength & conditioning facility, First Class Fitness Gym in Blackrock.


Our next 8-week block commences on 18th September 2023. Gym sessions will run on Monday & Thursday mornings before school at 6.30am. Completing these gym sessions in the early morning will mean that your child is still able to attend their team sport trainings in the evenings. 


See below for further details on the program.


Initial Baseline




Exercise Prescription

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8-Week Progressive Training


Jumping on Box

Strength, Mobility, Control & Plyometric Exercises

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2 Supervised Gym Sessions Per Week

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Final Testing &

Progress Report

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The Benefits For Your Child

Increased Upper & Lower Body Strength

The ability to produce force underpins athletic performance. Increase your ability to produce force with our bi-weekly supervised gym sessions. 

Learn Fundamental Movement Patterns

We will teach you how to squat, hinge, jump & land. Progress to more challenging exercises by demonstrating technical competence.

Reduced Relative Risk of Injury

When you're injured, you're not playing. And when you're not playing, you aren't developing. Our program will help you to stay injury free.

Fully Supervised Training In A Safe Environment

Sleep well knowing that your child is training safely under the guidance of highly qualified coaches (i.e. Sports Physio, S&C Coach).

Enhanced Neuro-Muscular Control

Adolescence is a critical period for neural plasticity in the brain. It is therefore a vital period for learning how to organise & execute good movement.

Increase Your Confidence Levels

Train alongside your peers, pushing each other to improve in each session. Use your new found strength & control when performing on the pitch or court.

Image by Samuel Girven

Your Investment

Best Value

Emerging Athlete Program



Valid for 8 weeks

x2 Gym Sessions Per Week

Fully Supervised Sessions

8-Week Block

16 Total Sessions

S&C Coach & Sports Physio Led

Reduce Your Injury Risk

Increase Your Strength

Increase Your Speed

Develop Co-ordination

Improved Sports Performance

Baseline & End-Stage Testing

Unlock Your Child's Athletic Potential

If you have an aspiring young athlete at home that is motivated to improve their sports performance, but you're unsure if this program is suitable, contact us. We will happily discuss the finer details and help determine whether your son or daughter is the right fit for our program. 

Athlete Success Stories


I had a really positive experience rehabbing with Declan! I suffered an ankle injury one week prior to an international competition. Declan monitored my progress on a daily basis and pushed me to my limits in the best way. He went above and beyond to make sure every part of my rehab was covered. One week after the injury I was able to play an international game at a very high level. This would not have been possible without Declan’s tireless effort and his ongoing positive attitude!